Significant Milestones

Cobo Town
Childhood experiences in Cobo Town (Charles, Richmond and Shine Streets) where artist's family lived, left indelible impressions of people and architecture.

Rural Travels

Travels with his brothers and father (a travelling officer) left on his young mind images of rural, coastal and plantation settings, that would later figure prominently in his work.
The adolescent schoolboy discovers Cézanne and English landscape watercolourists in library books. Friendship with Peter Minshall strengthens his determination to pursue art.


One year art scholarship to Paris gives him opportunity to experience first hand the works of Cézanne and the impressionists that he so admired in book reproductions.


Canada 1965-1970

A 5-year scholarship to University of Alberta, Edmonton, exposes him to more recent movements, minimalism, Pop Art. Interest in sculpture is born.


Return to
Trinidad & Tobago
Cathartic rediscovery of light and heat of outdoor Trinidad and Tobago leads to 20 plus years of intense pleinair watercolour painting and drawing.


Government Commission
Government commissions artist to produce 100 works (drawings and watercolours) of disappearing traditional architecture of Trinidad and Tobago.


CLICO Calendar
CLICO commissions the artist to travel through the Caribbean islands to paint traditional fishing boats and to draw typical vendors.


Albany N. Y.

The State University of New York, Albany, invites Artist to participate in joint exhibition with derek Walcott. Watercolours by Hinkson 1998).
SUNY. Albany Campus USA (October) Photos- click here

London Exhibition
Artist exhibits oils, drawings and water colours at the Mall Gallery, London
Mall Gallery, London England. (November)

Sculpture Exhibition

Recent Sculptures







A retrospective of the artist's work over the preceeding 40 years is sponsored by the Unit Trust Corporation under the direction of Pat Bishop. It includes drawings, watercolours, oils, acrylics, murals and sculpture. The exhibitions are held at various locations. A book on the artist's drawings is conceived and the groundwork done.



"40 Years of Drawings", a book conceived by Pat Bishop in 2002, is published in 2003. It contains essays by Pat Bishop, Kenwyn Crichlow and the artist's son, Sean Hinkson and features drawings in a wide range of media and themes throughout the artist's career. click here
Book, Portfolio and
DVD "Christ in Trinidad"
click here to see the publication