1. "Savannah Life" - 80' x 8' - acrylic - Piarco International Airport, Trinidad.

(Note: a new Airport has been built and the work is now being refurbished and will be relocated.)

The artist captures the atmosphere of life around and in the Queen's Park Savannah based on his decades of familiarity with the location. (Originally displayed in the old Piarco Airport). Acrylic on plywood - 8' x 80'.

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Panel 6Panel 7Panel 8Panel 9Panel 10Panel 11


2. "History of Queens Park Cricket Club" - approx. 30' x 3¹ - oil - Queens Park Cricket Club

Commissioned by the Club as part of the centenary celebration of the club.

Panel 1

Panel 2

Panels 3 and 4

Panel 5

3. "History of Trinidad Cooperative Bank" - acrylic - Corner Duke & Charlotte Streets.


4. "First Citizens Bank" - click here

5. "After The Coup" ( 27th July 1990) Mural

Full Mural, comprising 2 Panels

6. "Life Of Christ" ­ a series of 14 large paintings depicting various scenes from the bible currently stored.

The artist's reaction to his social environment depicted through events in the life of Christ and placed in a Trinidad context. 14 Panels, roughly 6' x 10' each. Oil on hardboard.
A book, a portfolio with 14 prints and a DVD were published in April 2006 - click here to see the publications page.

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7. " This is Mas" - acrlic oil and acrylic on canvas 8.5 feet x 110 feet - Artist's impression of his society through the metaphor of carnival- click here

8. "Where we going from?"- acrylic on canvas - 80 feet tall x 16 feet wide - RGM Building- Queen's Park Plaza - Commissioned by RGM Ltd in 2005 and installed January 2006. Six different scenes of Trinidad and Tobago's life and culture, emphasising the juxta position of the traditional with the contemporary. - click here

9. Panorama Mural - click here

10. Carnival 2010 Print on vynil (original panels are chacoal) - 8.5 feet x 110 feet. Mounted on the façade of Queen's Hall

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